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Family Day Care has been a major part of my life and that of my husband and children for over 13 years. We have shared our home with many children and their families during this time. My own children have grown into adults and many previous day care children and their families still come to visit. Family day care just increases the size of your family, as all the children are loved as if my own. Infant Massage is a new business venture for me and I have been successfully combining this with my Family Day Care business. My service is all about providing the best nurturing environment for all children, giving all children a loving start in their early years.

My childcare philosophy is:

I believe children are special and unique

It gives me enormous sense of satisfaction watching them grow, healthy, happy and content.

I will endeavour to provide interesting activities, and realise the importance of providing children with a sense of security.

My service is about providing a warm, friendly, loving atmosphere in a peaceful semi-rural environment that children enjoy coming to and feel safe.

Therefore my business statement is IN SAFE HANDS